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Youth Services

Youth Settlement Support Program

The Youth Settlement Support Program is delivered at the MRC NWR St Albans and Broadmeadows offices and are here to assist young people within the set criteria through casework management, identifying their requirements and needs and to provide information, support and arrange referrals if necessary.


The Youth Program establish planned activity groups to get young people involved and bring together a positive social culture to prevent forms of social isolation, inspiring independence and supporting young people toward skills development whilst enhancing their participation and representation in the community and beyond.





*** RECONNECT *** 


Are you aged 17-19, not currently studying or working and have not achieved year 12? 
Are you aged 20-64 and have been out of the work force for over 12 months without year 12?

Then this is for you. Reconnect program provides pathways to further education or employment for those who are currently not engaged with existing education or employment services. 
Not only will you be provided with skills and take part in employability programs, but we help you address any barriers to engagement, education and employment.

Contact us today for more information.