Are You Ready To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others?

Play a pivotal part in strengthening our communities!

Volunteering is a time-honoured tradition in Australian society, where people come together to help build stronger and more cohesive communities. Volunteering with the Migrant Resource Centre North West Region provides volunteers with work experience and new skills that can be helpful for future employment endeavours or just general self-improvement.

We welcome all types of volunteers from any background, and we can offer you the opportunity for personal growth and the opportunity to give back.

Our volunteers offer support in many ways such as:

In addition to providing useful insights, volunteering allows you to feel good knowing that you are helping someone in need.

Volunteer positions require a National Police and/or Working with Children Check. This process is free of charge for volunteers. Some of the volunteer positions we have available are for: community events; aged care/support program; Learning Centre service program; form filling and administrative work.

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Volunteer Application Form

How to Apply
  1. Obtain a copy of the Volunteer Application Form from MRC NWR; 20 Victoria Crescent, St Albans Vic 3021; our website – MRCNW or phone us on (03) 9367 6044 and we can post one to you. You can also download the form attached: Volunteer Application Form
  2. Volunteer positions are listed in the Volunteer Application Form and detailed job descriptions are available by request
  3. For assistance with filling out forms or for more information about the Volunteer Program, speak with the Volunteer Program Coordinator.
  4. Completed forms are to be returned in person to MRC North West; 20 Victoria Crescent, St Albans Vic 3021 or by post or emailed to Once your application has been processed, we will contact you for an interview.
  5. If there is not an appropriate position for you, we will assist you with finding other volunteer opportunities in the local area.

Join the MRC NWR Volunteer team and play a pivotal part in strengthening our communities!

For more information on our Volunteering Program please call our Volunteer Coordinator or Administration on 03 9367 6044

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