Quality Statement

Migrant Resource Centre North West Region Incorporated (MRC NWR) specialises in the delivery of a range of services to meet the needs of individuals, clients and communities it serves.

The MRC NWR has an operating philosophy that is based on:

MRC NWR aims to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of key interested parties and stakeholders. Committed to equality for all, MRC NWR embraces the diversity of our communities wholeheartedly and takes steps to ensure continuous improvement by developing strategies and systems that enable each of our employees to attain excellence in whatever role they fill.

Our programs and services form a vital link in the provision of community services across the North West region of metro Melbourne and beyond. MRC NWR prides itself in maintaining high-quality customer service, meeting statutory and regulatory requirements to ensure complete customer satisfaction and prompt delivery of services.

The company's management team is committed to the effective operation of the quality management system and to the ongoing modification and upgrading of the system to ensure it meets the changing market requirements and technological developments.

MRC NWR sets quality objectives whose revisions are consistently improving the service.

To achieve our objectives and satisfy the expectations of clients and interested parties, MRC NWR is committed to maintaining a Quality Management system compliant with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

All employees shall ensure that all aspects of our Quality Policy and information within our QMS are communicated, recognised, understood, applied and maintained at all levels of the organisation.

This policy is available to relevant interested parties, upon reasonable request.

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