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Community Projects

The MRC NWR is the information hub for all our communities in the North West region, delivering a broad range of community projects!


The MRC NWR undertake short term community projects throughout the year, funded by various government bodies and run in partnership with other service agencies to provide sustainable benefits in improving access to services for our migrant and refugee communities.

Good community projects also create valuable opportunities for building communication, understanding and trust, and often bring people together for the first time. Engaging the whole community gives everyone an opportunity to be involved in creating a healthy, harmonious community and environment.

Advocating for the Community

Often newly arrived refugees and more established migrant communities have trouble accessing services for many different reasons. There are a number of reasons why this may be so. Part of the role of MRC NWR is to help break down the barriers which make it difficult for migrants and refugees to find their way around accessing services.

We can assist community groups to:

  • Start up a group;
  • Become incorporated; and
  • Plan projects

Community Training Program

Large or small, community organisations help to hold our communities together. Emerging community organisations from diverse language and cultural backgrounds also provide essential practical support for newly arrived members trying to settle into a different culture, language and lifestyle in Australia.

The Community Training Program supports groups through an experiential based training program designed to assist new and emergent cultural community groups based in the North West Region to function more effectively in their new country.